New Look Book

هاي صحباتي الكلبوظات


انهاردة هقدملكوا بعض اللوكات اللي خرجت بيها في الفترة الاخيرة

ارجو انها تفيدكوا ممكن تلهمكوا لتكوين طقم او تركيب الوان سوا وهكذا

Hey Girlfriends

I hope you’ve been good

today I’m showing you small look book i wore recently

I hope you like it and inspire you for  outfits or color combos



Monochrome Olive green look
Rounded Edge Cardigan for Slimmer look
Navy blue X Lilac Color Combo
This hand made Vest hit me in all the right places and accentuated my waste
Having a Violet Pants for Spring Time
Using a Pin acting as a belt to accentuate my waste

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