Trends used to hate

Hey dear Kalbooza Girls

hope you are doing well

today i’ll talk to you about trends i used to hate but now i don’t

i actually don’t know why i used to hate it or even i don’t know why i stopped hating them maybe i thought it didn’t fit me and i looked ugly in it but after a while from concentrating on the fashion world and following the fashion shows and bloggers and you tubers from all over the world and from all sizes i changed my mind about it

Long Cardigan/ Vest

 I used to hate long cardigans or vest and thought they don’t fit me and make me look older and wider i think they chic and sophisticated especially with wide leg pants or with a long Casual  dress

Dresses over pants

OMG i used to hate so much this trend and thought will never do it or like it but lately changed my mind ..seen it on the run way CHANEL to be exact which is my favorite high end brand ..seen celebrities wearing it ..seen favorite blogger rocking it



Damn i used to hate these Culottes a lot don’t know why .. now i really like how they look




Olivia Palermo
Victoria Beckham

Pleated Skirts

sure i hated it as it was my school uniform and i sure hated my uniform as i thought i looked ugly in it i like the way it flares on the body beautifully especially the metallic ones  ..i love them


if you were like me hating certain trends try to think it over again and check how others wearing it like celebrities or bloggers or you tubers ..check the fashion shows ..look at sites and magazines for inspiration and ways to wear the trend that suits you your mind to new horizons of fashion and never be afraid to try new stuff

see you later girls


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