Put a belt on it..

Hey dear kalbooza girlfriends

Missed you so much

Today we are going to talk about something everyone told us we can’t wear it


Who said that & why ..we don’t know

But rules were made to be broken

And we sure will break it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wearing belts will define your body shape and give you the illusion of an hourglass shape even if you have another body shape..

But we have to follow certain rules to look good wearing them

Belts has to be thin because wider ones will bend in movement

Or if you love the wider belts then pick the elastic ones like these

If you are not sure about wearing belts try it with cardigan


If you don’t like to wear belts try to wear dresses and tops with belted cut like peplum cut

Check out my previous post on peplum trend


Or internal belted dress

It’s kinda hard to find nice plus size belts so i have few ideas to solve this problem


You can diy your belt by using the leftover materials you have if you love sewing and embellish it as you like it will be a unique piece

2. Crocheted

You can make a belt with crocheted or threading

3. Satin fabric

Use a piece of satin fabric to make a belt and embellish it with whatever you like roses or feathers or accessories

4. Rope belts

Use curtain ropes to diy a rope belt it’s the new trend all over the high end fashion shows

Check Lanvin fall 2015 in Paris fashion week


You use lace to make belts or revamp an old leather belt you have

I Hope you like this post

Greeting kalboozas


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