The crop top trend

Hello my dear kalbooza girlfriends

today we are going to talk about an old trend that disappeared for a while

then reappeared again from about 2 years and it seems like it’s going to still be in fashion for more seasons to come

the crop top trend

why crop top ?

it’s not just look great and make lots of movement while u r walking but

it also can cover the big breast problem that some of us have

it can change the look of an old blouse

it covers also the tightness of the blouse

a trend can look great in summer and in winter too

so why not !

these are examples for how  girls rocking the crop top

0eaec2ea98e960386786fb55e3ecd18b 4a8a5e8c5ec7957cc12633582224d4df 34c9da9818808da664b4a4160f002c96 fc8f6b8de9f54d3a06b3e9e41b4cc5157b2be60f2aac14a8b3cdd73b63c8107b 16e4f07b2e7f7e955b9c7a61c5643a2c 98271b2c7ae7a0a34d31d85410ee9b9b c3bb24809e3fe8d363f1fc65827707d0 e8ca4dd7bd95f2f6576f95fadc8ae5a6

the winter crop top

b41be7bdf38c35d67a8fd1b536692a65 CropSweater How-Wear-Crop-Top-Winter wintercrop_1_l5ghyb1

lace crop top

0e18c8d3071729c1c97135b07a1534ce 7a805e6369ff001c92a0b9832ed52af5 6fc2059adbf50d4231e755168b038a93 08e84ebc049d2aa877f6dc71ad536fb0 27bf1f1fc0f801e9c821377b417c5a23 8579d9b525c2810fba37b7cd0ac3fe8a 54d99e6a9412fd3a14dc991111527eac 6da51ef6435625ebdc9815b7397c8f9e 50e5a12f0a39714c272bcf822b86073a807278ea189b335a91a99cd0697a0d0a e067d26ccfcc8352bfb3d13e88102493


8889f4ccfd61da7859b9313ef8fa275d 78b28e14b9d46e6b0368ee52917145e4 8653749ad7626cb7e3bd25df713d8bf5 ac8d188ce63c72d8df3ca42eda7dd0d0 ba470393ce10131c20dc0abcba40d199 fab3b746dabf6391a3e314f5680e60a8

cotton or graphic Tees

1ff6de5b5d5053b36cf57ad35adb7e06 86f27751f49b2c2ea05ace5db6b679c9 2efb8b7432b462e41a3b2aea61ebe0db 92f7e908391826d9e147580507ecc953 658e3d2429fc8677fc37ca7747ea28a3 HOT-Sale-autumn-summer-turtleneck-crop-top-High-Street-Cotton-women-s-t-shirt-tops-women Vanessa-White-ITV-Studios-Topshop-1995-Grey-Crop-Top 5b460afc489a15540f4476b5dd4861d9 ead3b4ea093470eccbad732e80054649


6228d00a811af5eaa48c4ebe9a1774d7 adfc45526d6538b33f8bb2cabbf74bd0 f14cbdc4c23d59230b4e165b6ff8e4a1 efa1151f27b530be78eac397b639b4d1 f58e59ac75b411032aadb1179ec7cbad a1929fcd4bff1a66132dc1810f44840f b53b7645b2ff2fd14dc480d28566f79e9a0c285740e47897e3c1ea1c5f271669

very trendy look on wedding dresses too

e36cfaee7a8b63ba1f11fb9275397ef4 Spring-2015-Bridal-Trend-Crop-Tops--Bodas-del-Encanto-27

as u saw from the examples we can wear the crop top in multiple ways

with wide or skinny jeans ,with printed cotton pants

and the most lovely look would be with the A line skirt

so that the skirt covers the mid section of the body and the crop top covers the

big beast area

wear a tight top to cover the body or a blouse or a shirt according to ur style

4a246f2e6bffbe1adee6029c0850db75 4ecd57bd1ffb8b843c8b12dd454c0eb6 3-ways-to-style-a crop-top-hm-neon-crop-top



5 thoughts on “The crop top trend”

    1. تحياتي نوف ..اشكرك لزيارتك لمدونتي ..الحقيقة معرفش فين ممكن تشتريها في القصيم بس اكيد موجودة فى المحلات الكبيرة اللي في المولات ..وممكن تعمليها بنفسك من تيشيرت قديمة زي ما انا موضحة


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