A Come back to the midi skirt

Today we are gonna talk about a simple nice topic which is the comeback of the midi skirt to our lives and to all the runways

and most of Hollywood stars wearing it one way or another

i remember  in the early 90’s my mom used to tell me to wear a midi skirt and i refuse ..to me it was a silly length not long or short …but

of course my mom was right and she knew that the midi skirt add a nice romantic chic look to a girl because it was very common during the era of the 50’s until the end of 70’s and then it disappeared through the 80’s and the 90’s

and now ofcourse as the fashion designers always has nostalgia to a certain era

it is back all over the runways

so we are not less than those celebrities ..we are going to wear it even if we wear hijab because luckily it has several midi length as we will discover together

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i prefer the A line skirt shape because it glide on all bodies in a chic way


Casual look

 we can wear it with the 36″ length or on the start of the leg with  sandals or high heels in the summer or with shorter length

and boots or leggings  or tight pants in the winter as we will see together


 winter look

_MG_3734 1 4fc13d86eaaea6e3e04aded70e709ec9 Screenshot_2014-08-07-18-15-59-1 016 86c546a309f39dfcc6c6b2c8a2706c47 635f23e75098148472a0141716dc0ce61244f40d1c7e1a6196d6e4c59ebbf7d919706e06ceb1304ba48f358a42995f9d919607_magik96452806_84351a7-765x1024a22d9fd0a0bae277b510ef07ce8474f3b769d20d2283e00ed5195cd607b22d98c3dfc4ee20a0d93d0ca4ed8b77afd923clip_image00110d10e6cba89bfe5dc49070a503f461e5fimages (1)f9734c2c79e52c47bf4b42772ec22525imagesimg_0511IMG_2510-2Stephanie-Zwickylavendar1simply_be_bow_sleeve_jumper_orchid_purple_asos_stripe_stripey_midi_skirt_nancy_whittington_plus_size_blogger_uk_sugar-darling_dot_com3

Afternoon look /simple occasions

the midi skirts are very in right now for simple occasions like birthday or a night out with friends …

the look totally depends on the the skirt

and it’s fabric wither it’s sequins or lace or chiffon  or satin

3c9433b80cf4a387bcb8d579aeafc06e 4be058caf2dd66141f50b9b0d888b7e4 9a0ea9e19c0166b6592d5276f8af0677 33c65670cf338ae658f7728741c6458a 160b61c00a5ae1df95e865bcd7f67ecf 167_3228_350 28792fd014c0a1b606119938b31582181422226858_kelly-osbourne-zoomdd06fae1f5e176d0577717faa9af7da5f5f3774d056e40f463bc30a2576670c4fe865f296e9b069f99f1092b0eb46b9ajennifer-lopez-2015-fox-winter-tca-all-star-party-in-pasadena_3jessica-albas-self-luncheon-lela-rose-spring-embellished-top-and-rose-pink-polka-dot-midi-skirtpurple-satin-midi

Races-4-colour-723x1024 stephaniezwicky6 8710c1a92aef0e140295c12ff45ab223tea-length-skirt-celebrities1


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