Plus size work Capsule

Today we are going to talk about work wear

because it’s a very important issue for our career and also our looks in front of our colleagues

and today we are gonna simplify this subject so much

we are gonna call it the

The Work Capsule

which means  to have certain items in ur wardrobe to build on our looks

according to your budget  increase the number of the items or the quality or buy brand names or even have them tailored for u

we are going to talk about general rules but according to ur work dress code u can add or delete items

each wardrobe should have some of the following items

Dark jeans

You should have a dark jeans whether it’s skinny or boot cut or straight

the jeans should be plane without any embellishments or distressed and it also should be dark because it will make u appear thinner also suitable with all top colors and also suitable with work environment

1d47a165d253355c2de7209b97ca32c8 SG-14562X-Dark-Indigo-Plus-size-skinny-jeans-Levanta-Pompis-pantalones-de-mujer-mayoreo img-thing (4)pMAUR1-19130930v275 Z.Cavarrici

Classic pants

You should have classic pants with neutral colors so it can go with any top color

_10078695 71J1zDLVTHL._UY500_ 712lFjRNE+L._UL1500_ img-thing (5) 202120206 k2-_c2f8210f-c880-4c5a-b1d6-bd172db7ad90.v1 pr_97398 spin_prod_6968146011b894d439f9b165c59357b521e9c61ed6f10b2cac449cde727786a13c68c636bIMG_7874-21-890x1024Navy-Stripes-Orange-and-a-Pop-of-Burgundy-600x899Plus-size-trench-coat-outfit-ideas-Canada0Trend-oxblood-ciaafrique


u should own at least one 3 piece  suit which has a pants and jacket and skirt for those important meetings

and even if u buy it  separately u should buy it the exact color and fabric

Designer_Plus_size_womens_Clothing_Overstock_and Plus-Size-Business-Office-Wear Plus-Size-Fashion-Formal-Business-Suits Plus-Size-Fashion-Formal-Office-Wear plus-size-pant-suits-2 plus-size-suits-for-work

Blouses & tops

chose soft neutral color blouses and also bright colored ones  so u make a good collection suitable to ur mood or how ur day goes

4a77b0077ea7c35cee9e574e04345620 71lark3PG1L._UY606_ 32f89dff3c2f1a1bdb95382555224ec9 a9c216f4704015d5e38190d915827abe dsc-0831 9153-Spring-2014-Plus-Size-High-Street-Tops-Big-Bow-Organza-Blouses-Chiffon-Women-Blouse Fashion-women-2013-summer-peter-pan-collar-rhinestones-chiffon-shirt-puff-sleeve-gentlewomen-elegant-shirt HT1azDgFJ4cXXagOFbXV images (1) images (2) img-thing (1) img-thing (2) 4da2efe4a4ace3d394b9f0c9233fd1fd 9e99d7e931a86d51276b58b9712fb908 New-2014-Fashion-Autumn-Elegant-Laciness-Lace-Beading-Chiffon-Shirt-Women-s-Long-sleeve-Beige-White plus-size-tops-for-work work-essentials-button-down-shirts-for-plus-size-women

Jackets or blazers

try to have more than one jacket or blazer with different colors and patterns according to ur style

05b626333fa46634c25e9ad5958112f0 Free-Shipping-2013-S-M-L-XL-Plus-size-autumn-black-and-white-patchwork-women-blazer.jpg_200x200 a0fff795761874b0cfffed721419d032 a977117d5bec085935709cb9194a8c1d af6baf19b9c923d3d484b106a555e401 Bellatrix-Lace-Print-Blazer-front CurvyGirlChicPlusSizeFashionBlog03-31-13104 d2d354aa584d118e4074bc50fb4f3b16 High-Quality-2014-New-Fashion-Women-s-Brand-Designer-Suit-Blazers-Foldable-Sleeves-Six-Candy-Color1d08ae637347903ec4ffd0246060ff443c3649d1be663909fc8f35bbedf163e1994fdd10cee81e2b7a7426c5ebecfe2506282ad02e5575903ad2a6f9572ebb79


u could have 1 or 2 dresses to wear in the summer or paired with blazer or jacket as a change when  r board with ur everyday look

07f86f98de935664ce4164ee27ed26c0 7b1cf600d17feee6f9051b951fe6d218 73f2e5284d616a5bb2a9bdb145341264 86d597abfc9d0b5313dc3a6f8d1ebd3b plus-size-blue-asos-dress-and-blazer-002

bd234af43266566900b41fa786cc3629 Lane-Bryant-Blazer-dress-tights-and-pumps-on-Kirstin-Marie-plus-size-fashion-blog-plus-size-new-years-eve-outfit plus-size-outfit-inspiration-white-blazer-zara-bag RED BLAZER 3 images (5) Igigi-Ohara-Dress Plus-Size-Career-Clothing-500x441


You can have some different skirts in colors and fabrics and length to suit ur different looks or different work days or work occasions

2d30fcfdef538ac4a0b6d940547290f8 4_fabulous_plus-size_trends_of_fall_2013_professional_outfits_for_plus_size_women 15cdc001aa225553e714ee4aa3abfd8e 30x30-outfit-challenge-pink-blazer-and-striped-dress-mycurves-andcurls 459162c4edb13b59ae269713399836bf 1697755_fpx 6579623 2d5c207c7ad070dd2aeb96255a9dccb8

a73106c38e1685141c3fb211e7c59aeb AudreylaceTop f8483740509c526f65471c0cfc6e8db4 img_7486 plus-size-maxi-skirt-with-blazer-003

Bags – Shoes – Accessories

for bags it’s preferred to be leather or hard fabric to endure what ever u want to carry around the work day also it should be medium size and dose’t have lots of gold or silver hardware and doesn’t has any religion or political singes especially if u work in a multinational environment

  these examples u should not wear at work


You can use these instead

3fcd91347e95d890b43dcdfbb233e3c4 51fRpe6qLqL._SX395_ 903da4a175767ca6bbb37f5d895ebd3d 71291803c87c0f3b13a953a4d9073992 bf00085-1576_1 ff4175228becaf2f0e5f76bc0b2475d1

for shoes u should wear comfortable shoes  with neutral colors so it can go with all ur outfits and also medium heel so u don’t get tired during the long workday

like these

born-shoes-women-9ahhgxhu c566b462d2a5980ce1e49be021d3d327 6a00e54ee19bb788340168e8773ef6970c-500wi 6a00e54ee19bb788340168e8777ff9970c-500wi 6a00e54ee19bb7883401676376019e970b-500wi 2013-women-s-formal-work-pointed-toe-high-heels-shallow-mouth-sweet-single-shoes Free-shipping-women-s-solid-color-simple-wedge-heel-fashion-the-round-toe-slip-work-shoes Genuine-leather-nurse-shoes-mother-shoes-work-shoes-cow-muscle-outsole-flat-bottom-flat-heel-round IMG_8936

for accessories it’s preferred to be simple and feminine and chic weather silver or gold to go with all the outfits

2014-3-colors-Korean-Fashion-Elegant-ladies-Simple-wild-metal-chain-preparation-Bracelets-Accessories-for-women David_Yurman_Silver_Pendant David-Yurman-Jewelry-Accessories il_340x270.541566050_827m lp_accessories_v2_1-02 simple_design_double_leaves_clavicle_chain_necklace_women_s_accessories_tcdn2271_1_ simple-gold-chain-bracelets-for-women tumblr_m4p2eoXwzp1qfxs7g

scarves & belts

use it to appear more elegant

DSC04196 images (7) scarf and belt-1 B-Scarves-and-Waist-BeltsFloral-Print-Scarves-from-Shopbob


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