Winter Layering for plus size

Today we are talking about an important issue for all  plus size girls

how many times u hated your winter cloth?

how many times u thought about wearing this heavy jacket because you r afraid it will make u look bulkier

and in the end you wore a light jacket although it was very cold ??

every time you decide to wear this wool jacket or cape or shawl you rethink it a 100 times because of  ghost of bulky look !!!

how did I know ??I had all these exact feelings as you

but in the end I found my way to a nice worm winter look without looking bulky

and that’s what we are going to talk about today

the idea is simply instead of using one big bulky jacket to keep us warm

why not use more than 1 layer to keep us warm  !!

but this method has couple of rules:

#Choose thin light weight fabrics like light wool or cashmere or velvet 

#Make sure each pieces flows together nicely

#pick  thin knits  for ur  wool pullover for example

#chose light weight shirts or blouses

#go for a light weight jacket and/or vest

#Try dresses over pants 

# add the winter scarf as a layer for more warmth & chicness 

#You can try  tights and legging for an extra layer of warmth

now time to explain more with pics

start with basics

basics baselayer


chose ur shirt according to ur outfit colors >>> don’t know how to do it ??

go for jeans or chambray shirt  or go for neutral colors

casual-winter-layering-1 fall-outfit3 hidden_wonderland__winter_fashion__layering_winter_layering_fashion_ c600x508

then chose ur pullover

2df19c4bc858c5f95c40868c48305e9c 08b12b5a156d207ec4e2cfea565ae4ce 8e612ebca4908db0305936d1e2a8d6c1 135d39421b8c397277342ff03e62e5d9 ad3c35cdf3683ca2d13454cd88c6be7d b0aecca747fcaee8fe26804a30c5a90e f939e274c9258fd664cb049b1836d14e

now let’s check how girls style it

c167844be81358144d044112a7b064c2 88dd67d2a86da8b656a76d0379c0c5ff 24dc10e6cdec4feb199a6ac813173e57 4511f9a0ac7e0431eae334ba5afe4ed6 7621b03e797dea15cd46e077a6ad6340 Cute-plus-size-fashion-denim-outfit-on-plus-size-fashion-blogger-Kirstin-Marie All-Things-Kate-in-Kate-Spade-Jessica-Simpson-NYDJ-Tory-Burch-Lucky-Brand

leopard pink pin_by_kelsey_duresky_on_tips__tricks__winter_outfits_pinterest plus-size-jeans-chambray-layers-outfit-2

IMG_9001-2-610x532 IMG_8994-2-610x561

You can wear more than 1 jacket or open shirt and a jacket for more edgy look !!

3f7a87950a83b2ef43e000bcdca89b1b print-on-print-for-fall-plus-size-style winter outfit layers

as we said we can use dresses over pants

6ef5ae31884ab9095a4e5caa1f01a810 72b9f08561db5a79ce549073b13cc5ad 80a164434e3e0b3fc79dadc56d8febaf 0927e3f3bb587b60651df076f6c242f7 2014-Winter-Autumn-Jumpers-Dress-font-b-Sweater-b-font-Casual-Knitted-Plus-size-European-5XL 98518167749cee817747e675b054aa7c ac035559db2a020b58c81628191b1d1b b91637106edf9166695721138be28646 cd5ba90c7a6bddc6d58c5be7804c2195d23c90e5156670b004f81a94fcb4c66a e74ca91d3df0dc092c59e4708c9fdbc5

now these are some of styles for jackets & coats can be added as a finale layer

4a2a4d6d03b80d23349c24ec26e754a1 58f7f46d2073b73296a051e4ce4e6e01 70ea638ed8a280c8d78c8a6e89ec4964 75f5a4111ecd80adf58d99b2ae314a6e plus-size-coats plus-size-winter-coats 8679b8b6e88293cfe4c0743335acacce aa33a24aa5d8163b706147ed90a88ccc

these jackets are A BIG NO NO for plus size no matter the temptation is

1a58e018b57c76e539398e5ca0834e30 6835bb6afafbc1675bbb79b5ca5f1022 d55657c7a77ab0068082220c0d17934d fc49236bba7a6fc3f9f77b5742a8c018 57d84bbbd9ce9be4e25a09d6d84761cc 3624709d17c9e33bd7e6ed98e59aed9f d6bea9a474f4b872297c2c1b4fd50b55

as we said we can add scarfs as a layer and the blanket scarf is perfect for this job

81c2353806584ab9598c39c79fcf246e 3769a5d14933d26c18b02972fa0aec57 e9328c4bb22e3d6ca1e03b05b47aa536

and finally if u don’t want your shirt buttons to show from underneath the pullover do this trick



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