color Blocking

Color Blocking


Today we’ll complete our second part of our last post

about looking slimmer without loosing any weight

by using the COLOR BLOCKING technique

what is color blocking ???

simply it’s using the colors in a certain compo to appear more slimmer

u’ll understand me more in the example pics

but it’s the same rules like in makeup contour & highlight technique

when u want the slimmer look use dark colors and whenever u want the look wider or fuller use light colors

it also means using bold bright colors together

this technique can be used in home decor too

like these examples

colorblock colorblocking3 8b31319c002badd6_7580-w660-h492-b0-p0--tropical-dining-room 73f53__70s-inspired-interiors-featuring-vintage-patterns-and-color-blocking-10-thumb-630xauto-41460 rainbow-photo-mats

And here how we will use this technique for a slimmer look


like u see here we want to hide the belly area so we used black and other colors on the sides

bdcaf764ffc756cfce244980bc37ef24 8508f2f5ebddc78d1d2bc5a77ce78f06

as u can see we have the opposite situation here …

we want to hide the sides and highlight the waste & belly area….GOT IT????

so according to ur body type use the technique

so now i’ll give examples on the color block outfit so u’ll know when u see them


8f0ade051e415bed7b8f028e30ecebcc 8f5096b87b2ba0956bb79d54daab8686 9bd2552b68d434e7d833b1a79ff0996c 7d591791b09e63e9821e43549d3ddbff 372d50ed1f560f046861e02ab2654287 0e3a8af9a6a8ca881aed698e76519e77

4fa850d65a1af0c1f0da9e5790b109a4 5a63fa149ec111c71f441181197c76cd 0b46f8e133aeebe64b0fc8e41c5808647e8d614a25632f421f395519e0861f3b ae60719a9c1679baa1b0a03bc56f0a2c 568c63490c2d72b3578b08f1bd2d3ca1 be0822bb1c4da544f85280b27163319f d32a9c5fbad94424268424e57dca2f94 80e93c99542b6191b7174ed09d01a81b ebd8e878fff5fc34362cc4b969412e86f3ab2d4696c89a00166ed54f1c36c562f550362f0a4d593a4d2963760263390bfa40949d8b69c7a3383efd49aaf46b22ff6c43e90997093b243f174634d5d46e


3c8ab28ce09bc88226f175622ffbba21 5fec9ac4b8578bcf05c7464f17cd2e0f eaee3a028d640d3f9aa54855742299ba7b59650234501c985257d6860217fadd 8e90bc1ba11c58999cf180b87d00dfd0 17d7cfcb4e96e00412df93b01e6480de 31f2fc0c7fad45dee422ba795cf95292 3014b27cbfe4b5e58b6dfc221629a594 a17213bdfa75113ff9eca602abb446eb abfbb8fdf7873d303dbc7deb151aa95d8098443ad0b4f02bd22267990e884055


2f7666cf88ad0fac5c878593cccd0f35 3c6ff602b9d35bd5047782d03f6eeae1 9de83256d64f62872bd9039408c1febd 14f5c6c49d1bdf4b6866d31223731fd5 993f8f6e8dd3fcc8bc451955671f759d 07516e4282af39496079b60d01cf22de


7953d03aac07035db10cbd40ba5d7328 19416ed3db92bd99e066f35c828977c8 60481f916863434b5e54c86b7a831938 238852221a5eb93be8c8a839e7215422 b1eb26a21a1434d75749c8b58d5ee14a bf96e68d0064761bfe2abac065f83be6


4a75884efea80a4e6f9fa837ef3e569a 4fbe7aceeed1eb34e77f63378438b0c0 5f6cca5453264bc106451ba127c99d27 39b4347cc8466105e40dba7ba5478cb0 55d27c697c5278246942f478eee08987 65841b4a7c592258293462fcf34d8aa3 b9762b97be79c2429a381d67cfd155be bb61b1abe78f9dfda80a1449012a028f f74d85aee8a8682a619209df11e72488

Swim Suites

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