The Monochromatic trend

Today we are gonna talk about this trend that make us appear slimmer without losing weight

this is our first part of the slimming techniques

The Monochrome trend

it simply mean wearing one color but in different shades & fabrics

u may also find this trend as wearing only black & white

this trend is not new fact it’s kinda old from the 80’s & 90’s

but coming back so strong u can find it in all the runways

3cba5cf1f8980f851ec5165db5c828d4 3d3f76d066b80653da37a703c8788513 29e93484bbf21aea3c94dd50cb8ac2dc 73207ba4351f8a675d02f4c474f1ce9f 82006d50067ddae9dafc46924aee729f 86459b506894543e8c2a4cd346ba4daf b6a86e666e0a2f8852f730f6c1a60c4b cc6f1952e4c8d7f5536e36d15131a32a 0f5632016e664705a7f1b28776655c45

170292-500x250-one-color huenew monochromatic-fashion-1

as we said we’ll mix & match same color different shades &fabric

and best way to do that is to dig up every piece u own from a certain color to be in front of u so u can build up ur outfit like these pics

A_E.blue_ IMG_8542 IMG_8520 IMG_852721

we’ll start with examples for everyday wear or casual ..

4d56475c3dcd1c45f8e09bbb46c127f0 881d7195a6425f9f04f0a35a744a26f1 b5e6604fa7ea40a33630706abef6d42c bddef25f81c7c6d0cde2a38512b781eb d8c77cbdbb983accb9f58bb3f0e26963 d9b376da4709b5076c5aca04a624b005 d70df116a407642997770791bf21de18 e669e005865f33a36e5add343f299370 f7dae4740c8e4cd21bfce23a34b9b4f9 f12034dddc6a04659e0b3b82151ca17e

5d67c4adcaad66e303c71314319f6656 07ee9bad97ab3787d225e0f7e27e3c56 98eb7e1cbd5b8c14d946149e880ced38 10525b0c9206bf4a7453d222fbea577e 41414843c65bae733b9759d546fb8401 be563b9a43b6b578b3ee2887db14e543 img_3213

it’s very popular to wear the monochrome trend in all white ..

sure i won’t say it will make u look slimmer but if u r brave and want to wear it all means please do and break the rules a bit

how-to-wear-all-white-celebrity-styles-envious-fashions download e2d612af     IMG_0045 what-to-wear-to-an-all-white-party-plus-size-fashion

second part is the dresses & afternoon or evening wear

for dresses u can add cardigan or crochet vest or flowy scarf around the neck

0a826afbfb1d4c5491beebeaf35bcd4a 83e721cdcfc2790bfd94d4b7012c1ca6 92759e8d149688bb7b61a595a67cbf18 e32047c923423ca972618291042d38fa be5b3a631fa80259c9dbb92142975458 c7c2569db751d55f34f1cd1897c6ec11 crop ee58fbe3d79db36f6cf8aabbe30bcf41 f54f24c4be46cb4fe1e21d0b1701a4da f63f6569135d293216cd49ba28f52e61f330e3215641b38d91eaea07816c9fce

5ca340ba013d332771c0eab1d4c08d0c 6cccbf1636caa42c068b41ef417c6a20 6f1364e73b0eb820c599c4851dcb2399 94eff284bb46f105adf8f39248a11f13 a8dd4cc1682b838aca4585fe6379b8ff bd654b85f3b1b69b03bc0e8c02d74728 bdfc78a97afc5a35ba329a878104fea6 images

 bloggers following the monochrome trend


By the way this trend or technique is very usable and useful to most photographers

whether it’s for family photos ,weddings, magazines and adds

here are some family photos for example have used this color technique

035ff980191c98b376c4982c814122c2 189a30f414b4c33a17170aea73198bb3 2690279a42cfa3c75add269ccec275ed e89a656492b9c67404c4db3b7bf3f2ec 1ebefbc4570bd048b538aa8ce3237046


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