a wedding guest

So today i’m talking about if you are plus size and invited to a wedding what will u wear

we’ll start to check out some pieces if we have them we can build up couple of nice & chic outfits


Chiffon or lace  or sequins blouses are very trendy this year in an obvious return to the 60’s & 70’s feminine soft look but how we wear it that’s the problem!

1476676804 dbdc00e500d9d91f0f3a507407725021 dc6c11218c156596712bede203ec9092 e57fe1db53cabf5e559de382a358e6b5 f6b67b05da9187dca90489f593c4c93d F2423A91 ff6d5ef5c26e3a63fca98bf0bb65032e Great-Sexy-Elegant-Evening-Vintage-Royal-London-Ladies-font-b-Ruffles-b-font-Rose-Flower-fontimg-thing pPOLO2-4533727_alternate4_v330 pi_2682 Purple-Hot-Ladies-Cocktail-Party-Casual-Bridesmaid-Ruffle-V-Neck-Shirt-Blouse-Plus-1879 T2_mxNXdNdXXXXXXXX_!!513063570

3c8ab28ce09bc88226f175622ffbba21 71a409d263dec226ac718977363835f3 532f06f16d0f47da9f227f48fc8b4b25 101961447_302 Bling top - Adrianna Papell Sequin Chiffon Top - Plus Size Mink db1386cf2c8b04df96b8f9ed96685e5b New-Cream-Sheer-Lace-Victorian-Romantic-Long-Sleeve-Evening-Blouse-Top-Size-L


as we agreed before chose the right skirt cut for ur body ..but in general the A line skirts are good for every body type and now it’s super trendy the sequins skirt with a simple chiffon or lace blouse

4c2e56089a5c7d1fd562a13f6fde54fa 56b82422887422085e45b4bd4738375d 62f813f1678197341f1110ebb9775a0c 6186d4d1f03fbf5854299e319d593bc7 9175f69ce45cd983f110491313e0912d blackhalter1 f06a741ff819ee8b8ee498dbcae1a4d0 il_570xN.397105742_jl4m il_570xN.398998656_kwbnimage1xxl-575x733 images (1) images (4) images img_9135 new-blue-or-redorange-glitter-dots-slinky-print-special-order-customizable-plus-size-supersize-pants-capri-s-palazzos-or-skirts-lg-to-9x-37 plus size sequin skirt via gwynnie bee y


evening jackets or sequins one are very suitable if u r a bit older in age though i don’t admit the age boundary in fashion !!

or if u are a bit conservative in ur style ..lets be real not all people can wear sequins skirts !!!

_6123563 4abf1df60e470bbbb6c55d423162601e 1560676 1560724 1560742 1702063 8095485 b65b33a4-021b-44bf-861e-b8ee510cad9e il_570xN.406289806_66ed2b2260ca29c55050d70133a9809dfb3e32ced601f9a0132b39d7f5db73e24be791babaca5424a29f0912d3e1aaa624901687_Productimages (2)

images (3)images (5)mHl3lvhULq1gft-llDbwgyw


it’s normal to wear black pants in evenings or weddings but if u dare try to buy or make different kind of evening pants..

Dare to wear metallic brocade pants !!

like these for example

e200196be6183a10ebe793f04aebd5aa 1816d50ccdca87f29fb39b4306d8f01a ASOS-CURVE-Exclusive-High-Waist-Leggings-In-Sequin ba457015d8af68ed8e4df6b3e1003f85 Plus size girls' night out outfit ideas, Sequin pants for curvy girls, Holiday Outfit ideas on a budget, Plus size holiday outfits under $100, curvy fashion blog

image1xl download (1) New-ripped-jeans-women-boomers-studded-slim-feet-pencil-pants-hem-pants

5d9b2b40f6fd874d8396ff8435f5d3ab 7ce8ecbb3941ecdf2298940d9a5c2e71 25b19aa6e41769909fac74980df648a5 93f6e609e5aa68d82655afca3230a4d0 a667c69231b4c1654394589a02d83383 brocade pants1 c8daabcdd928a92347e9a1dc17c25403 navy-jacquard-peplum-h-m-top-navy-jacquard-h-m-pants_400225640_cu_xl


sure you know that the easiest way to dress up for a wedding is by the accessories …buy yourself a chic statement necklace and some rings or bracelets to be the hero on your simple but chic look …wear it on any color or fabric or pattern

like these

$(KGrHqMOKpgFGNJftEE7BRlybuRtPQ~~60_35 $_35 552d6757092f1488df2db5353abf612e 2014-New-Fashion-jewelry-Multilayer-Gold-box-Chains-Necklace-Choker-Statement-Necklace-for-Women-Wholesale 7107145d25144ad5b73dc932c3021187 Boho-Style-Exaggerated-Multilevel-Chain-Statement-Necklaces-For-Dress-Unique-Design-Jewelry-Gold-And-Silver-Colors Chain-Fringe-Choker-Statement-Necklace-Rhinestone-Gold__06466_zoom CHUNKY-Shiny-font-b-Gold-b-font-font-b-Tone-b-font-Multi-Strand-font-b dk_neckkelins edfd610ac5470c8fa372ac6688f545d8

6 downloads2 images_IMAGEONLY_02[1]

1364999463-09234200 big bold statement bracelets Bracelets_statement_r cuff-bracelets-500-85327145 images (8)


2 thoughts on “a wedding guest”

  1. حلو اوووووووووووى المدلات دى جدا بس عايزة اعرف المدلات دى بتجاب منين ممكن


    1. نورتيني يا وفاء من محلات كتير …انا بس بديكي الفكرة تركبيهم ازاي او بديكي افكار مختلفه بدل ما احنا ماسكين في ستايل واحد للبس حضور الافراح ..عشان لو روحتي محل وشوفتي بلوزة او بنطلون فيه الافكار دي تجيبيه وانتي مطمنه انك هتعرفي تلبسيه فين وازاي ..فاهماني


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